ep001_2024-04-03 IBC Audible Ep1 LMR Interview with Nelson Nash

  Reading of the Lara-Murphy Report article entitled AUSTRIAN ECONOMICS + WHOLE LIFE = IBC – AN INTERVIEW WITH NELSON NASH   Click here to download a pdf copy of the article: AUSTRIAN ECONOMICS + WHOLE LIFE = IBC – AN INTERVIEW WITH NELSON NASH

Using Whole Life Insurance for Retirement Planning

Retirement, that day in your life when you can tell your boss to “Take This Job and Shove it.” Many look forward to that day with glee, but other look towards retirement with fear, anxiety, and hesitation. Will I have enough money to live on? What if my retirement investments take a nose dive the […]

IBC more caught than taught

The Infinite Banking Concept as discovered by R. Nelson Nash and explained in the books Becoming Your Own Banker and Building Your Warehouse of Wealth how to implement and understand The Infinite Banking Concept. Once you understand how this powerful financial strategy works you will be amazed at what if can do for you and […]

Get Out of Debt Safely with the Roll Over Roll Down Method

Before you scream I’M DEBT FREE… Before you pay off your debts, consider first capturing your money in a place (a “Warehouse of Wealth” if you will) that will compound over your lifetime, giving you more control as well as safety and security. We call this the “Roll Over Roll Down Method” of paying off […]

How Becoming My Owner Banker Helped Me Ditch the 9-5

It was 2011, and I was still getting used to life back home in Alabama. My family had just followed me on a 4 year journey to Germany while I was in the US Air Force. While we were overseas, we got to witness the economic train wreck of 07-08 from a safe distance. I […]

Whole Life Insurance is a Bad Investment part 2

In our last post on Why Whole Life Insurance Is a Bad Investment we talked about diversification. In today’s are article we will discuss: Reason #2: Whole life returns are not guaranteed. People for some reason continue to compare stock market returns and returns in Whole Life Insurance when they are not even in the […]

Is there a financial storm on the horizon?

Watch the Video, “How to Weather the Coming Financial Storms” Below Many experts are warning that there could be a bad financial crash coming in the near future. Understanding the Austrian theory of the business cycle is critical for long term wealth preservation. According to Austrian Economics the cycle starts out as an asset bubble […]

Whole Life Insurance is a Bad Investment part 1

Part 1 of 8, in response to the blog post “Why Whole Life Insurance Is a Bad Investment.” In this series, we will dissect the commonly held misconceptions that exist around the idea that a properly structured whole life insurance policy can be used to create your own private family bank, aka the Infinite Banking […]