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Build a Financial Wall Around Your Family That Nothing Can Get Through. ~Jim Rohn

We have a vast amount of experience with the Infinite Banking Concept as well as other areas of financial services. We believe that the core of each family should be the ability to save then invest. While we are not against equities like stocks, mutual funds and ETF’s, we believe that the foundation of any wealth building plan should be your Control, Liquidity, Use and Equity (CLUE) of your hard earned money.

Banking, banks, savings and loans, credit union etc. Do the commercial banks own these.


Business without Banks

We have many great advantages of owning a business, like tax deductions and control over.



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Michael Sparks Infinite Banking Practioner

We are Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioners. We help people to create multi-generational wealth. Let us show you how to keep more of your money, have more control over your finances, pay less taxes and build more wealth for now and for the future. The Infinite Banking Concept is a proven cash flow and wealth building tool for many years. Build that Wall, that Financial Wall! When done correctly the Infinite Banking Concept will create a perpetual tailwind to everything you do in the financial world. (There are many financial guru out there who are praising the matter of getting out of debt but they never address this fact.) This is the unique message of The Infinite Banking Concept.

Banking Concept

What is the problem with finance for most people? They don’t have any control over the banking function. Watch this short video to understand more:

In the future we plan to hold online webinars to educate our clients on properly implementing and utilizing the Infinite Banking Concept.



Learning about an understanding the Infinite Banking concept can will take some time for most people. In reality the concept is so easy, but because IBC is 180° from what most people have been taught.