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Dynasty Wealth Partners is a financial services company founded by Michael and Alecia Sparks.

Michael here, I became interested in wealth building and preservation in the 1990’s after serving in the US Army. During the 2000 dot com crash I witnessed first hand how many people who were nearing retirement lose nearly half of their savings. This happened again during the 2007-2008 housing and stock market crash. It seemed like there were no safe bets.

After 2008 I went on a mission to understand what the heck happened. This is where I discovered how money works, how banking works and in a more broad sense economics from an Austrian perspective. From 2008 until 2013 I continued learning more about how money works. One of the biggest revelations was learning about the Federal Reserve system and how banks can print money “out of thin air” After watching “Money as Debt” I was determined to find a better way to save for the future.

Prior to being introduced to the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) I was a devout follower of Dave Ramsey and the idea of being “debt free.” As a matter of fact, If I would have been introduced to IBC in 2002-2007 I would have told that person to take a hike. It was only after learning more about the banking system and financial markets and how they are rigged was I open to the idea.

In 2013 a friend introduced me to IBC and I thought it was a scam or two good to be true at best. But, after attending a conference called the “Night of Clarity” in Nashville Tennessee I now made it my mission to learn everything I could about the idea of Becoming Your Own Banker. After learning more about Infinite Banking we decided to purchase our first policies in the fall of 2013 and have been practicing IBC ever since.

Looking back to 1989, I first purchase a whole life insurance policy but then canceled in 1998. I now wish I would have learned about IBC back then. If we would have used IBC just for automobile purchases over the last 20 years we would have saved tens of thousands of dollars in interest alone! Like many others that have learned about IBC, “I wish I would have known about this 20 years ago” rings true.

After implementing The Infinite Banking Concept I continued to do research to understand all there was and became licensed as insurance agent in 2014 just so I could learn more. In January of 2015 I completed the Infinite Banking Practitioners program and became a Certified IBC Practitioner.

We have worked with a wide variety of clients, from newly graduated people just starting out in life to families that are nearing retirement. Our specialty is Entrepreneurs and Business owners as well as real estate investors. With the ups and downs of business, it’s so important to have a place to store your Sleep Well at Night (SWAN) money as well as a place to park your opportunity fund so when one of the few deals of a lifetime comes your way you are ready to act. As our mentor Nelson Nash says, “When you have access to cash, opportunities will seek you out”

Michael and Alecia live in Middle Tennessee, but work with clients around the United States. We are business owners first and earn a full time plus income with their AMSOIL business. But their passion is helping other entrepreneurs as well as families take control over their money and create multi-generational wealth.