The Infinite Banking Concept as discovered by R. Nelson Nash and explained in the books Becoming Your Own Banker and Building Your Warehouse of Wealth how to implement and understand The Infinite Banking Concept. Once you understand how this powerful financial strategy works you will be amazed at what if can do for you and your finances regardless of where you are in life.

On page 4 of the 5th addition of Becoming Your Own Banker, Nelson writes that “The Infinite Banking Concept is a MAJOR paradigm shift for most folks. It will require several thorough readings for a full understanding of its message.”

Beyond that, we at Dynasty Wealth Partners recommend working with an authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner. If you are reading this, we have been certified with the Nelson Nash Institute since 2015. Once you “get it” you will realize that the Infinite Banking Concept is not difficult to understand. “You need for finance is greater than your need for protection, solve that need through the use of Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance with a mutual company and you will have more death benefit than you can get past the underwriters. You will need to insure everyone you have insurable interest on just to hold all the cash” ~Nelson Nash

Other ways to “Catch on to Infinite Banking”

One of the best ways to understand Infinite Banking is to Just do it! We refer to getting started as go slow start small. If this is your first policy, consider starting with a minimal amount that you know you can do no matter what. Some of our younger clients can get started with a couple hundred dollars per month. As your cash value grows each and every month you will see how taking control over the banking function works. Maybe you have significant debt that you would like to take care of. Read our Roll Over Roll Down Debt article.

We understand many people are skeptical about new financial products. Rest assured what we teach is probably the oldest financial tool in the United States. Life Insurance has been around for over 200 years. Many people prior to easy access to the stock market and Wall Street through mutual funds, discount brokerages, ETF’s, government sponsored retirement plans etc. used whole life insurance as their primary way to save and build wealth. Have you ever heard the saying “He bought the farm?” You may or may not know that farming is one of the most dangerous professions there is. Many families took out enough life insurance to pay off the farm if the bread winner were to suddenly die. This way families could continue to farm without the payment to the bank.

Keep on learning!

When we first discovered the Infinite Banking Concept back in 2013 we were skeptical, but something interested me that I had to Learn more! After reading the book “Becoming Your Own Banker” I dove into Nelson’s second book called “Building Your Warehouse of Wealth”  Then we attended a local event put on by the Nelson Nash institute called “The Night of Clarity” in Nashville TN. We continued to learn and be mentored by veteran IBC practitioners to help us understand how it could work for us. Recently there have been a large increase in the interest to learn how to become your own banker. Many are being exposed to IBC via social media like Instagram, Tictoc, YouTube etc. This may be a good place to peak your interest but we believe it is not the place to learn all you can about The Infinite Banking Concept. We honestly believe the best place to learn about IBC is from the source. The developer of the concept, Nelson Nash and the Nelson Nash Institute (formerly the Infinite Banking Institute) has a lot of great information as well as educational videos and books and seminars on how you can better understand how the Infinite Banking Concept can work for you. Then we would recommend to seek out an Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner to help you along in the process.

becoming your own banker

Until now, anyone who wanted to master the timeless principles involved in Becoming Your Own Banker had to physically attend live seminars by R. Nelson Nash. In many cases, attending repeatedly to increase your retention.

Considering the time and cost involved in travel and scheduling, we decided to create the live seminar as a video production that anyone can own and control. You can watch and learn at your own convenience. And, since repetition is the key to learning, you can now practice and apply that vital technique.

The Online Edition includes video of Nelson Nash leading his Becoming Your Own Banker Seminar (approximately 6 hours in length).

Purchase the Online Seminar Here

We also suggest having your very own copy of the book Becoming Your Own Banker. This will allow you to review the material and to take notes. You can purchase the books here on our website

When you are ready to get started implementing The Infinite Banking Concept into your financial strategy be sure to set an appointment with us to discuss your options and how to most effectively implement The Infinite Banking Concept. Book a Call! 

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