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Many experts are warning that there could be a bad financial crash coming in the near future. Understanding the Austrian theory of the business cycle is critical for long term wealth preservation. According to Austrian Economics the cycle starts out as an asset bubble is pumped up, as investors start pulling out of those assets the bubble deflates more rapidly than the time it took to rise. This has happened numerous times over the years. In the past to help settle the markets the Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world would reduce interest rates and inflate the money supply, causing a stimulus. In the past interest rates have been in the historical area of 5-8%. Today we are in a new landscape with interest rates around the world at historical lows. Some countries are even posting negative interest rates.

We feel that unlike any other time in history there is not much the central bankers can do if we do have another crash like what happened in 2000 or 2008. The historical business cycle is between 6-8 years. We are overdue for a downturn in the economy.

We began studying these principles in 2007 during the last financial crash. This is how we came to find The Infinite Banking Concept back in 2013. Since discovering IBC and learning what it has done for our family we decided this cannot be kept a secret any longer. Which is why we have partnered with the Nelson Nash Institute (formerly known as the Infinite Banking Institute) to help spread the message of IBC.

Recently Robert P. Murphy Ph.D. economist and Carlos Lara a business expert gave a 1 hour webinar on implementing a strategy that will help protect your family wealth when the next financial storm blows in.

Underrated Wealth Protection Strategy You’re Not Doing

Coming Financial Storms

We are Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioners and would like to show you how this safe and effective wealth strategy can be implemented in your personal family or business.

Our team of trained agents are available to answer your questions. Give us a call 931-546-9338 or use the contact page to send us a message. To learn more order a copy of “Becoming Your Own Banker, Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept” by R. Nelson Nash

Specially Designed Life Insurance Contract (SDLIC) has been around for over 150 years. It predates the tax code and has been a safe place that people used prior to the advent of the qualified plans and easy stock market entry for the average person.

What this does is creates a financial tailwind with your debt paydown. Each dollar is growing tax deferred, even if you have borrowed against it. As you build up your cash inside the SDLIC you then use the collateralized loan feature to pay down the debt that is outside your control. By moving the debt to your control you have many options.

The idea is to concentrate on getting 100% of your outstanding loan balance rolled to your SDLIC and into your control. Then you can concentrate on paying down that loan. We recommend charging yourself at least the interest that you would have paid to the outside creditor. Each payment you make to your policy loan is available to be used again and again. This allows you to recycle your money over and over.

Isn’t the debt snowball the best method to pay off debt?
No, because you are giving up control of your money and your money does not earn uninterrupted compound interest! Secondly, you lose protection. By using SDLIC you get access and control of your money plus protection in case something would happen to you. What if you just pay off your debt directly to the debtor, then you get hit by a bus? At least you were debt free right? But that money is gone forever. What if, in this same scenario, with the same dollars, you pay off your debt, and your loved ones receive several hundred thousand tax free dollars regardless of whether your debt is paid or not. Now that’s control!

Another idea is, what if you concentrated on paying off your loans and still owe money but lose your job? This happened to many people during the great recession in which case they had to default on loans because they didn’t have the cash reserves to weather the storm. Again, if your debt is rolled over to your control and you lose your job, you can decide to reduce your payback or stop paying all together until your job situation is fixed. Maximum control and Maximum efficiency.

Use our contact form to schedule a 30 minute strategy session to learn how the Infinite Banking Strategy and the Roll Over Roll Down Debt system can work for you to give you and your family Financial Peace of Mind, Financial Protection and create a Financial Tailwind.

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