Nelson Nash is the creator and developer of the Infinite Banking Concept. Being educated as a forester and working in the private sector for over 10 years allowed Nelson to have a long term perspective (at least 70 years) Nelson decides to make a career shift into the Insurance as a life agent. During the 1980’s Nelson was in the middle of financial turmoil when bank interest rates soared to over 23%. While contemplating his predicament over many night in the kneeling position praying to God for guidance on getting out of this financial nightmare he had an epiphany. Nelson realized that he could use life insurance policy loans at 5 and 8% to pay off those high interest loans.

The Infinite Banking Concept is Born

Nelson realized that he could pay off outside debts using the guaranteed policy loan feature that is part of all Whole Life Insurance policies. Since this was something you could do, what if you intentionally used your life insurance policies to finance the things in life?

In the book, Becoming Your Own Banker, Nelson spells out that “we finance everything we buy.” We either pay interest to someone else (borrowed money) or we give up the ability to earn interest (paying cash) and there can be no other way…Well, unless you can print money but then that will get you a long trip to club fed. (prison)

Watch This is Nelson Nash

Alecia Sparks | Nelson Nash | Michael Sparks

We have had the pleasure of meeting Nelson Nash on many occasions since 2013. Nelson Nash was a wealth of knowledge in regards to economics, finance and The Infinite Banking Concept. We are truly grateful for Nelson and his vision and his mentorship over the years. Implementing The Infinite Banking Concept has changed our lives for generations to come.

Alecia Sparks | Nelson Nash | Michael Sparks