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Learning about and understanding The Infinite Banking concept can will take some time for most people. In reality the concept is so easy, but because IBC is 180° from what most people have been taught you will need to allow yourself time to make the paradigm shift.

Prior to the 1960’s a vast majority of Americans used dividend paying whole life insurance as a core savings vehicle. This fell out of fashion when Wall Street came to Main Street and it became easier for the average person to invest in stocks and mutual funds.

Challenge yourself to see your financial world differently. Expanding your knowledge about The Infinite Banking Concept is as easy as purchasing the books listed below.

You may also go directly to the Nelson Nash Institute to purchase books, audio and DVD’s. We are affiliates and authorized practitioners of the Nelson Nash Institute, (formerly known as the Infinite Banking Institute.)

Becoming Your Own


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“In the early 1980’s R. Nelson Nash had a revelation when interest rates climbed to over 20%. He was able to finance his high interest real estate using his life insurance at considerably lower rate. That’s when it hit him with the fact if he could do this, what would happen if he specifically designed a plan to intentionally use life insurance as the primary savings vehicle and use that savings to finance large purchases such as vehicles, real estate, business equipment, and other large ticket items.

We feel that the foundation book should for everyone is Becoming Your Own Banker, Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept.

Building your Warehouse
of Wealth


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Building your Warehouse of Wealth is Nelson Nash’s second book further explaining how the Infinite Banking Concept works. Nelson talks about using IBC for real estate transaction and how having guaranteed access to capital allowed him to take advantage of opportunities that would not have happened otherwise (like purchasing land at $35/acre and selling at $500/acre.

Secondly “Long Range Thinking” shows what his polices from the the 1960’s that now kick off more than 10 times in dividends than the required premium. Matter of fact Nelson changed his dividend election to be paid in the form of a check and in 4 years 100% of his premium were paid out to him from over 40 years of premium.

How Privatized Banking
Really Works


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“How Privatized Banking Really Works” was written by Robert Murphy a Ph.D. economist and Carlos Lara a business owner and restructuring consultant. Carlos has helped hundreds of businesses prevent bankruptcy since the late 1970’s.

This book marries the idea of Austrian Economics and Infinite Banking. By understanding the Austrian theory of the business cycle and how to use IBC to smooth out the booms and crashes in the lives of individuals and business. This foundational book should be at the top of everyone personal finance reading list.

The CASE for IBC


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The Case for IBC, written by Robert Murphy, PhD, Carlos Lara and Nelson Nash. This latest book written in 2018 was Nelson Nash’s last work before his graduation from earth on March 27th, 2019.

Thinking like a business owner and why IBC works for all types of business is the foundation of understand that your need for access to credit is great in times of turmoil or what we call the business cycle. Business owners tend to see the advantages of Infinite Banking before most others. The Case for IBC is based off of a 4 hour seminar that Bob, Carlos and Nelson gave across the US and Canada in the past. Learning more about IBC and how it relates to “The Perfect Investment” (IBC is not an investment) as well as the “Process vs the Platform” is a key fundamental.

We consider The Case for IBC as a companion book to Becoming Your own Banker. Consider purchasing both books if you haven’t read Becoming your Own Banker first.

Below are some other great books talking about changing your financial mindset. By Kim Butler.

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