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Business Without Banks

Doing Business without Banks was born from the idea that business owners are in a predicament. We have many great advantages of owning a business, like tax deductions and control over how much income we earn as well as how much income we pay taxes on. The problem with showing less income means we sometimes don’t qualify for the same amount of loans or get as good of interest rates.

Doing Business Without Banks takes the idea of having more control over your money and your business process. By having a large pool of money to use for business purpose you can get the commercial banks off your back and out of your life. Many businesses use finance as a was of smoothing out the peaks and valleys of the business cycle. With a large personal cash position you can more control over the business cycle. This include market recessions like we faced in 2008-2009 or yearly dips as seasonal businesses like landscapers, contractors, farmers and the like would face.

Understanding how Doing Business Without Banks works will help you build multi-generational wealth.

We will be blogging on ways that Business Owners can use the Infinite Banking Concept to have more flexibility in their cash flow as well as increase the overall return on their business investment.

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