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Michelina Sparks

Millennial here! I’m a Tennessee native and have lived in the southern US most of my life. I love traveling and outdoor adventure, mostly backpacking, paddle boarding, and camping 🏕

What I love most about the using life insurance to fund my life is:

💰Fool-proof wealth building
💰Access to capital without having to qualify
💰Taking power back from the major financial institution of the world
💰Tax-free retirement income

This is my money story:

When I was 13, my dad offered me a 401-K Dad. A savings plan he created where he matched every dollar I saved. Had I been a wise 13-year-old, I would

have taken the old man for all he was worth.

I didn’t have the same priorities then that I have now. I was saving my lunch money, but not for my 401-K Dad but to go to the mall with my friends to buy trendy clothes and pretzels. Fast forward 10 years, I finally wised up (kind of) and got myself through college and grad school debt free 🎓

I started my first Infinite Banking policy in 2016. I was paying $500 in life insurance premium at 25. All my friends thought I was crazy 👀 Sadly, my debt-free status didn’t last. I went through a quarter-life crisis, uprooted my life, and took our a bunch of credit cards to travel to Europe.

When I got home, I had 8k in debt looming over my head, and the interest rates were racking up fast. I remembered that good ole whole life policy. I took out a loan and paid off all my cards, started a cash emergency fund, and effectively rolled that debt into my own privatized banking system.

In 2020, I still hadn’t paid myself back in full yet, but the housing market was in full swing with record-low interest rates. I had the opportunity to buy my childhood home (a fantastic future rental property) from my parents 🏡 There was also record-low number of houses for sale in my area, so this was a convenience I couldn’t pass up. I had a few mishaps happen all at once that drained my cash savings before closing on my house. My card needed $1200 of work done, and it was going to cost about $1900 to close on the house. Yikes! Where was I going to get the extra cash?

Whole life insurance to the rescue, again💥 Since I had taken a loan instead of a withdrawal, my cash value was continuing to compound, even though I had accessed my money for something else!

I was able to fix my car, close on my house, and keep an extra $500 in cash to restart my cash emergency fund. All my savings is still compounding (at about 4%) uninterrupted.

Using the policy loan function of whole life insurance gives me access to capital with flexible loan terms that I create.

I can…

➡️ Pay myself back when I want
➡️ Let my money continue to compound while I access it
➡️ Make my money do 3+ jobs

Can your money do that?

Send me a message, and I will teach you how!

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